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Main » 2012 » May » 4 » Disk Wiping
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Disk Wiping
Hard drive is a computer’s device which stores digital data. The data is stored on the surface of magnetic platters of the drive and rotates in a very high speed. The entire data on the drive is nothing but a large number of 1’s and 0’s or binary data. When you write the data on the hard drive such as text files, zip files, movie files, images etc, it is written in a row of 1’s and 0’s. Now when you delete the data, ones and zeros are not deleted only the pointer pointing the data gets deleted.

Hence recovery of deleted data is very easy.

You may thing by formatting the drive you can erase the entire drive. But formatting is not a permanent deletion of data from the drive. Formatting the hard drive does not overwrite the data but is much better then deleting the data from Windows, which can be easily retrieved. The best thing to overwrite your data and erase the entire data from the hard drive is by using a disk wipe tool. But how it works? It replaces and overwrites the data with new data. It uses different disk wiping algorithms to wipe the data much securely. In the simple wiping algorithm, the disk wipe tool wipes the data by overwriting with zero’s only. But the most advanced algorithms and techniques uses random numbers filling and overwriting the data multiple times. Hence it is impossible to retrieve the data if it is overwritten several times.

When you delete a files by pressing shift + delete key, it is not actually removed from the hard drive but only removed from the file allocation table. It is same as removing a chapter name from the table contents of the book but the actual chapter is still in the book. The Windows file system uses different groups for storing data. These groups are called clusters or disk sectors. The size of cluster is fixed and is defined at the time of disk partition.

Data recovery applications can read the hard drive space and easily recover the data stored there. By using any data recovery application you can check whether the wiping tool completely overwrites the data or not. Disk wipe tool is much secure and overwrites the data several times with binary 1’s and 0’s.It uses advanced wiping techniques and supports all versions of windows operating system. It supports different storage devices also such as hard drives, disk drives, memory cards, CD and DVD drives etc. You can download the free trial version of the disk wipe tool easily by following steps.

Step 1: Download and install the free trial version of drive wipe tool move the software from ‘application’ folder to ‘desktop’ for convenience.

Step 2: Quick launch the software by double clicking and select the appropriate drive or partition.

Step 3: On clicking next the software will start wiping the drive with different wiping algorithms.

Step 4: On clicking next the software will wipe out the entire drive completely.

Article Resource:-I am working as data security advisor with one of the institutions dedicated to research and development of security applications. I have published many articles on drive wiper and the role of disk wipe tool for file erasing.I have mentioned about drive wiper software and the ways to download it.

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