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fax center
How far we have come in terms of messaging We have a comet such a long way technologically. The evidence is all around us and all those who wish to dispute this fact are blind to all the things that are happening around them. If you take the sending of messages for example, in the days gone by the messages were sent through the post or through a messenger. The effect that this had was that there were so many places that things could go wrong.
For one, the distortion of the message and its intended meaning was a huge risk that had to be taken not forgetting that the message could be forgotten or lost if the messenger did not reach his destination. Now all this is behind us as all we have to do is sit behind a desk, tap into a keyboard and hit send. In an instant the message is gone and received. Backing up a little, we find that right before the internet took over and cell phones were everywhere, faxes were the chosen mode of instant message transmission. If you look at it, the message had to be typed on a paper, scanned by the machine and then sent as the fax. Now all this is changed because with the advent of the computer and the internet, the use of a fax server client allows us to send faxes through our computers the same way that we would an email. The only difference is that the fax will not go to an email address but rather to a dedicated fax box. What happens is that when the fax is sent from the fax center, it is converted into an electronic format. This is what is sent over and when it is received, it is converted again into the format of a fax. From here, the end user decides what to do with the fax. If they decide to store it, then that fax remains with the user until it is deleted. It has also become very possible to send mail to fax through the computer. There are some email accounts that let you do this and they sent the emails and the message through a serve r and when it is received it is converted into the format of a fax. This is actually a good way to send the message because first of all the recipient does not need an email address and it can be used to send the fax to multiple users.

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