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Main » 2013 » October » 13 » How Promoting Your Band on Music Blogs Can Have Huge Impacts
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How Promoting Your Band on Music Blogs Can Have Huge Impacts
In today's world, the Internet is the go to place for nearly everything. Need a product recommendation? Confused about a new fiscal policy? Want to know what your friend ate for breakfast? It's all on the Internet, and for bands and musicians, it's the same. Of course, word-of-mouth is still huge in the music industry, but if you're ignoring the Internet as part of your band's promotional work, you're missing out, big time. Promoting on the Internet is similar to the physical world, time spent is usually more important than having a huge bank balance, and becoming an overnight success is possible, but not likely. However, the Internet does offer some major advantages to bands looking to promote their music.

One enormous advantage of the Internet is that it brings the world together. There is a niche for every kind of music and every band, and the Internet makes it easier for those niche people to come together and share thoughts and ideas. Blogs are critical for this. Blogs are fast becoming one of the major ways people connect with one another and share ideas. By exposing niche interest blogs to your band's music, you'll be dialing in on exactly the people that are most likely to gravitate towards, engage with, and ultimately re-share your music. If you're an electronica band with an emphasis on remixed bagpipes, there is someone out there begging for your music, and the Internet and you two together. Finding your niche fans has never been easier than with the use of the Internet.

Cold Emailing is the New Cold Calling

Anyone who's tried to get the time of day from a music industry exec when they didn't have a scheduled meeting knows just how ineffective cold calling can be. Sure, it's possible to catch an exec on the best day of their life when they're feeling extra friendly and in the mood to listen to new music from a band they've never heard of, but you'd probably have to call around 734, 388 times before you've got a shot at that happening. The beauty of music blogs though, is that bloggers are, generally, social by nature. They want to share their finds and get a hold of new things. Shooting an email to a music blogger is a lot more likely to get a response than cold-calling a music rep, and when something catches on in the blogging world, it usually spreads like wildfire.

Blogs, SEO, and Technical Things About Traffic to Your Website

Usually music people love music, they don't really love the technical side of running a website. The beauty of promoting your band on music blogs is that the technical stuff happens naturally because of the promotion. When you write a guest post for a music blog, there is a link posted that goes back to your website. When a blogger features your new single on their page, readers are likely going to want to hear more, and they're going to click through to your website. All those links and clicks, are great for your website's search engine ranking, which means even more people are likely to find you! By targeting niche blogs, like an Australian music blog, an electronic music blog, an indie music blog, or whatever fits your music, you'll be getting great keywords associated with your links as well, all of which are excellent for your band's promotion. Utilizing blogs to promote your band's music is an effective, and interactive way to get your music in front of people who are likely to love it!

Stay on top of the newest music coming out of Australia by following Hhhhappy, an exciting, on-trend Australian music blog. Keeping up with music news and events has never been easier thanks to this great music blog.

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