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Main » 2012 » May » 8 » Mitigate Disaster with Virtual Solutions
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Mitigate Disaster with Virtual Solutions
Business continuity is important in the time of disaster. Unprepared businesses may spend significant time, money and manpower recovering from disaster. Plans must be devised in advance to mitigate losses which are inevitable during catastrophic events. Businesses, which have experienced power outages, fire, earthquake, hurricane, flood, terrorism or sabotage, know how an unexpected event can affect business sales and operations. Disaster recovery planning can help companies prepare for impending crisis and improve business resumption times.

How Disaster Recovery Planning Helps

Disaster avoidance is often used in conjunction with disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Cloud computing solutions help businesses mitigate losses during disaster and focuses on prevention rather than reaction. Cloud computing guarantees companies 100 percent uptime. Full-time IT staff members are on-call monitoring for potential threats to applications and data hosted within the cloud. Once a data breach is detected, IT professionals can contain the breach without any business interruption. Disaster avoidance protects against sabotage, hacking, data theft and other IT related disasters.

Natural and external disasters are not avoidable. Companies can relocate to areas to minimize the risk of these events occurring, but these factors are more difficult to control. Businesses located in New York during the traumatic events of September 11, 2001 are aware of the inadequacies of business continuity plans. After the events, businesses were forced to re-evaluate how to prepare for fast resumption of business even during times of immense crisis such as terrorism.

Which Topics Should Be Addressed in Disaster Recovery Planning?

Mission critical applications must be identified as a part of any disaster recovery solution. Mission critical applications will be restored first in business continuity plans. Applications will be ranked and prioritized according to what is necessary to keep business operational during disasters. Important applications include phone lines, virtual PBX systems and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

Businesses with virtual PBX systems will be concerned about connectivity. WAN or LAN connectivity is of major concern during crisis events such as earthquakes, terrorism or floods. If the lines are cut for any reason, businesses should be prepared to resume business quickly. When WAN or LAN connectivity is lost, businesses are at a significant disadvantage.

Some businesses prepare by using virtual PBX systems with call forwarding to cellular phones and applications which are hosted in virtual environments rather than on local computers or services. Data in virtual environments is easily accessible and can be accessed from web-based applications. Employees can go to any computer terminal with Internet access and a web browser to resume business operations. Business continuity plans often include virtual solutions for this reason.

Data storage of any type is of concern. Business continuity depends upon the ability of the business to retrieve data fast. Any data required to continue normal business operations should be included in a virtual environment for easy access during disaster. Employees must know where to go to or what actions to perform to ensure efficient business resumption.

Disaster recovery is essential to any businesses survival. Planning is recommended to reduce business interruption times and maintain professionalism during disaster. Professional business continuity planners can help devise comprehensive plans for recovery.

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