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Mobile Flipbook Studio Rentals
If you are in the business of entertainment, you have to constantly look for new and unique ways to make your guests happy. One thing you have to remember is that when guests come for a party and the hosts as well, want to wrap up the party with a host of memories. Photos on Mugs, in albums, in frames, on t-shirts and even in digital photo frame is now dated, and if you want to create a mark for yourself and ensure that you get more people to call you in to do business with them, you have to think up of ideas that will bowl them over. You cannot let a single money making opportunity pass you by, and when you have the Mobile Flipbook Studio to help you, you can be absolutely sure that you will be the talk of the town.

What is the Mobile Flipbook Studio and how can it help you with your business? Well, there are two ways in which you can look at the scenario.

1) You could exclusively provide this service and tie up with event managers who would need entertainment options at parties, get-togethers or for other purposes. So, all you would have to do is invest about $4500 in the software, master it, understand what it is that you can do with it and offer the service to as many event managers as you can. You could do various things to add value and once you start using the software you will realise how much fun it is.


2) If you are an event manager, you could set up a team in house that takes care of this service for you. All you will have to do is buy the software, train a team to operate it and then offer it as part of your services.

You can be sure that this investment that you will make will reap returns and it will reap returns fast.

What do you get with the Mobile Video Flipbook Studio?

The end result with this amazing software is a great looking hard bound video flip book. The process takes hardly any time and once you have mastered this easy art, all you have to do is get set – record – cut and print and you have yourself a great looking flipbook that your guests will truly enjoy.

To make the process more enjoyable you can set themes and have a special corner at parties where guests can either stand against a green screen and with the help of chroma key technology you can create great look video flipbooks with lasting memories.

What are the Features of the Video Flip Book Creator?

The Mobile Video Flip Book Creator is packed with some great features to make your job extremely easy and a lot of fun. Read on to learn why this amazing software can help you grow your business and create a niche for you in the entertainment industry.

1) Interface: The interface is extremely easy to use and once you start using it, with some trial and error you can master creating some exciting flipbooks on the go.

2) Technology: You do not have to worry about turning your footage into a great flipbook as the intuitive technology allows you to record and lay out your flipbook with absolute ease.

3) Effects: You have a host of effects to choose from so that you can make some exciting flipbooks for guests to enjoy. There are a set of 16 effects in built into the program and you can choose from the following few common ones:

Ripple Effect Fish Eye Effect Black and white effect

And 13 other exciting effects to choose from. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wvCgcqCL5c&feature=player_embedded

4) Green Screen Technology: With the help of a green screen you can create some beautiful images. Allow your guests to stand against a green background and then with the help of chroma key technology replace the green screen with some amazing images or videos.

5) Text Features: With the help of text overlay features, you can post interesting text at the bottom of the screen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_wvCgcqCL5c

6) The Flipbooks you create can be easily saved on your PC for printing at a later date.

7) Flexibility: You do not need to worry about the cutter you are using as it is supported by 10P, 12P and 1P cutters.

8) Configurations: The recording time, record sample ration and book size can be adjusted according to your preferences. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OhwefqyFCc&feature=player_embedded

9) The setting options allows you to configure the software to the printer and cutter.

10) Labelling: You can achieve easily labelling with this software and add white backgrounds and logos inside the same. 11) Covers: The software also lets you create some interesting covers for the events you are at.

12) Flip Gallery: The Video Flip Books you have created can be transferred on to a CD, so that they can be used to view by the customer as and when he needs it.

13) Web integration: The flip books can be easily uploaded online to share with friends and family. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXUCxZaJYt4&feature=player_embedded

Now, are the features not easy to follow? Well, they are and they will indeed help you make your customers and their guests extremely happy.

So, do not think any more and get your hands on this amazing Video Flip Book Creator today. It is indeed a great business opportunity and you will learn soon that people love anything that is new and refreshing.

What supporting hardware will you need?

Along with the trial version of the software you will find a list of hardware that you will need to get your video flip book business started. Below is the list as well:

A cutter A fast color laser Webcam A laptop – Both PC and Mac will do

Making the Mobile Video Flip Book a part of your business or your full time business is a one-time investment, and you can also rent it out and make some additional money as well. Do not worry about the amount you are spending for purchasing the software and the hardware, because you are going to make more money in no time!

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